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  • Features:  
  • Instrument: Schlagzeug
  • Tutor/Performer: Thomas Lang
  • Spielzeit: 314 Minuten
  • Sprache: deutsch/englisch
  • Art: Lehr-DVD
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On Creative Control, Thomas Lang presents the unique and innovative system that he has used to develop his awesome speed, control, finesse and coordination - a step-by-step system that will allow you to hone your drumming chops so that you can play more effectively in any style of music. Bonus Footage includes live concert footage as well as clips from the Meinl "Generation-X" tour.

Topics Include:
- Advanced technique for hands and feet
- Applied rudiments and orchestration
- Dynamic foot control
- Sticktricks and showmanship
- Ergonomic mechanics on the drumkit
- Advanced interdependence / coordination
- Multi-pedal orchestrations
- Creative practice concepts
- Twin effect pedal playing and practice
- Contemporary groove concepts


Thomas Lang - Creative Control [2 DVDs]
36,96 €
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