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In 1916, Thomas J Fudge, a dapper chap with a distinctive moustache, opened a bakery. A rather remarkable bakery in beautiful, bountiful Dorset. His buns were buttery. His bread was brilliant. His biscuits were the business. He was the one who taught the current owners great-great-grandfather, Percy, his trade. And over 90 years later, his family tree – are continuing his remarkable, edible work.

Melt-in-the-mouth morsels with a tasty twist.

A delectable wafer of intense cheesiness to satisfy the most stalwart of stilton addicts. Nibble over smooth red wine during lazy evenings with friends, pair with beer during all-day lunches or serve among sandwiches for a bountiful buffet.


Thomas J Fudges - Punchy Stilton Wafers - 100g (Case of 6)
35,78 €
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