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  • Verwenden Sie Ihr Telefon, um Stop-Motion-Animationen
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StikBots are the social-sharing easy to pose figurines! Their unique design allows for easy positioning on any flat surface thanks to their suction-cup hands and feet. StikBots can be posed in countless ways - their limbs, torso, and even neck can be positioned at multiple different angles! StikBots can also be stuck together and are ridiculously fun and addictive to play with! But StikBots are more than just stylish pose-able characters; they are the first ever social sharing toy! Download the free app for iphone and Android so kids can shoot stop frame animation videos quickly and easily. Kids can film, pause and edit their StikBots then share on their favourite social media site! Also includes a tripod to quickly and securely set up your smartphone for filming StikBots and exclusive orange and clear coloured StikBots only available in this pack.


Stikbot - Animation Studio - 2 Animations-Figuren
12,80 €
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