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  • Name:   LA Baby Latex Foam Crib
  • ASIN:   B019X6ZPRO
  • GTIN:   00786634889838
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260 Heavy Duty 15.5 Gauge Steel Coils for Maximum Durability. 9 Gauge Border Rod for extra strength and support. (The lower the gauge the thicker the steel.), Flex-edge clips for the ultimate in side edge support and safety. Cotton-poly coil wrap prevents loss of cushioning material., Two layers of Ortho-insulator pad for additional durability. A USDA Certified Organic cotton layer, that is also US grown, for toddler's comfort along with blended cotton on both sides provides support and a restful nights sleep at any age., Medical grade laminate cover. Air-vents promote a fresh mattress., Cloth binding is sewn with a lock stitch that helps prevent edge seam from splitting and moisture from entering.


LA Baby Latex Foam Crib Mattress, White (Discontinued by Manufacturer) by LA Baby
442,10 €
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